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12 Nov 2019 - 13 Nov 2019
Madrid, Spain
HYGIENALIA-PULIRE 2019 | B2B Matchmaking

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HYGIENALIA-PULIRE 2019 Brokerage Event 

Madrid, 12-14 November 

HYGIENALIA-PULIRE 2019 is Spain’s leading Cleaning and Professional Hygiene Trade Show. Participants will have the opportunity to share innovative technologies, production processes and sales targets in order to find new international business contacts and partners. This event is targeted at ALL sectors that benefit from professional hygiene and cleaning. These include hotel chains, gyms, health centres, hospitals, restaurants, geriatric hospitals, and laundries. In short, any sectors that need to provide excellent service to their clients.

Participants also include major companies that specialise in more specific areas, such as machinery, tools and chemical products. The exhibiting firms also represent cross-cutting interests which are also a part of the cleaning industry value chain and include companies working in pest control, the environment, services, car wash machinery and uniforms. 


  • Business meetings 
  • Latest trends in materials, services and technologies Short, sharp 30 minute meetings to foster effective networking 
  • Get to know key R&D players offering services to companies 

Main areas 

  • Accessories and tools 
  • Cellulose for health care 
  • Chemical products 
  • Environment 
  • Industrial cleaning machinery 
  • Laundry 
  • Pest control 
  • Services 
  • Uniforms 

Why participate? 

GOAL-ORIENTED: a matchmaking event provides pre-arranged Business-to-Business meetings between visitors and exhibitors. 

SAVE TIME: you choose meetings previously, thus no undesired meetings! 

SAVE MONEY: you receive your schedule in advance, so that you can organize your trip to Madrid and coordinate other non-B2B activities. 

RECEIVE UPDATES: you will receive daily information on the progress of the event. 

RECEIVE SUPPORT: you will be supported before, during and after the matchmaking event. 

IMPROVE YOUR INTERNATIONAL PRESENCE AND YOUR ONLINE POSITIONING: thanks to the international dissemination of this event (worldwide promotion) through the best online marketing tools, the B2B website becomes a first-class promotional element for every registered company, well after the event has finished.

How can you benefit from this event? 

  • Publicise and showcase your products, services and specify your partnering and business needs.
  • Initiate and arrange promising pre-scheduled face-2-face meetings at the event.

IVACE - Enrique del Castillo


Tel +34 961209594

ASFEL - Thais Rodríguez


Tel +34 963532007 ext 2


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Participants 104
Meetings 303


Algeria 4
Chile 1
Czech Republic 4
France 2
Germany 1
Ghana 1
Guatemala 1
India 1
Ireland 3
Israel 1
Italy 2
Mexico 3
Morocco 2
Norway 1
Poland 1
Slovakia 2
Spain 67
Togo 2
Tunisia 3
United Kingdom 4
Total 106


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Commercial agents 8
Distribution groups 17
Engineering companies 2
Importers 12
Manufacturers 49
Subcontractors 1
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Other 11
Total 106